Custom Compounding

Avive Naturals provides compounding services to registered health care practitioners across Canada and other health industries in North America.

High Quality Ingredients

Avive Naturals compounds raw powdered ingredients based on a specific request from a health care practitioner.

Avive Naturals supplies a broad range of high quality ingredients including:  antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, probiotics, enzymes, glandular extracts, botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins.

Individual Formulas

Avive Naturals specializes in compounding herbal, vitamin and nutritional supplement formulas that are completely customized to an individual’s health needs and allows practitioners to provide a unique, personalized approach to supplementation. Individuals receive supplements filled only with the ingredients they need, in the exact dosages, all in one convenient bottle.

Practitioner Formulas

Avive Naturals also compounds formulations that have been customized to your particular health care specialties, complete with a label designed for your practice.

Quality Assurance

Each supplement compounded by Avive Naturals is prepared by a qualified health practitioner who is specifically trained in compounding natural health products. We maintain a chemical-free, healthy working environment and adhere to strict quality assurance and quality control laboratory procedures.

Our commitment is to work with health professionals to promote complementary health care and improve the overall health and wellness of individual Canadians.

Learn more about our services and how we can complement your health care practice.

** Canadian Residents Please Note: Avive is only able to provide custom compounding services to health care practitioners in Canada, we do not sell directly to the Canadian public. If you are an individual looking for a customized supplement program for yourself, please visit your local practitioner or contact us to find one in your area.  Avive Naturals does not compound prescription drugs.  **