Quality Control & Quality Assurance


Avive has developed numerous high standard quality assurance practices for the safe storage, handling and compounding of  raw ingredients. We use only the highest quality, pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients.

Our products are stored in a dust, temperature and humidity controlled environment to ensure the stability of the ingredients that are used in your patient’s formulas.

All ingredients are quarantined upon receipt at our facility, until which time the manufacturer certificates of analysis are verified and we test every ingredient in our own quality control laboratory for various microbes, yeasts and molds. Ingredients are not sent into our compounding laboratory until all the necessary testing is completed and are also removed from our facility once the expiration dates have arrived.

Our testing protocols include:

  • Microbiological testing;
  • Physical tests to ensure content, quality and purity.

Any ingredient not meeting strict specifications is returned to the manufacturer.

Finished Products

All compounded formulas are bottled in pharmaceutical grade containers with tamper evident seals applied to the lid. The formulas are audited before they are released from our facility. This auditing includes verification of  lot numbers, weights, densities, dosages, physical characteristics and overall appearance.

Avive retains samples of all lots of custom formulas for random sample analysis in our microbiology laboratory. These lot samples are retained for at least one year after the date they are compounded.

Professional Staff

Our company is staffed by qualified professionals and registered health care practitioners, who are specially trained in compounding natural health supplements. We have established strict laboratory protocols and standard operating procedures to ensure the highest quality and purity ingredients.

Precision Laboratory

Avive uses the latest precision laboratory equipment, sterile compounding supplies and pharmaceutical-grade materials in our laboratory.