Benefits of Customized SupplementsExpand your health care practice to include individual  custom supplements that will improve health treatment protocols for your clients.

Everyone has unique health needs that “off-the-shelf” supplements may not address. For this reason, a customized supplement program is a way to better health and compliance.

1 single bottle + 1 convenient dose = better health & compliance

There are many benefits in choosing a custom compounding service for your supplements. The benefits include:

  • Access to products and dosages that are otherwise commercially unavailable, unformulated or discontinued;
  • Optimal efficacy from fresh, high quality & purity ingredients ;
  • Supplements with no preservatives, dyes or binders;
  • Supplements that are available in ANY dose required;
  • Dosages can be tailored to individuals with unique needs (eg: children);
  • When two or more supplements are combined into one formulation, compliance is enhanced and the therapeutic outcomes are improved because it is easier for a client to remember to take their supplements;
  • When a client cannot ingest a supplement in its commercially available form, the supplement can be prepared in other forms (eg capsules);
  • Flavours can be added to make the supplements more palatable;
  • No lengthy backorder times that can cause treatment interruptions.
  • No inventory and no order minimums.
  • Shipments can be sent directly to your clients.

Avive provides you with all the resources and high quality ingredients needed to create individual customized supplements. Contact us for more information or to find out about our partnership opportunities.