Custom Supplements

Avive’s custom compounding services allows you, the practitioner,  complete control over the supplements and dosages you prescribe. By recommending custom supplements you can ensure positive responses to treatment protocols.

What exactly are custom compounded supplements?

  • Compounded supplements are unique to a particular individual.
  • Compounded supplements are matched to the individual,  as opposed to manufactured supplements where the individual is matched to a supplement.
  • Compounded formulas can be purchased in powder or capsule form and are not commercially available from supplement manufacturers.
  • Compounded supplements are manually prepared by a registered health care practitioner to meet the unique health needs of a particular individual.

Customized supplements will offer many benefits to your clients. Since we are all unique, it makes sense to be able to adjust the supplements to meet a client’s personal needs and lifestyle. Whether it be dosage, vehicle, or flavouring, the supplements you provide to your clients will be compounded with only them in mind.

Enhance your practice by offering custom supplements for unique health care.

ND Formulas

To see a list of ND formulas, visit our formula page. You may order any of these formulas by phoning 902.444.4014.